Hallo world. I mean where to begin? As for my routs of photography, kind of cliché, got my firs camera from my father! And I couldn’t be thankful enough for that to happened. Love for photography? Probably when I was about 15?! It was kind of magic for me at that time. But really! To be able to freeze the moment and keep it. Pure magic!

Big change came when I was 18-ish, when I moved to Australia for an english study. Camera was my way to pas by. To be different in some kind of a way, it was my ticket to know people, open hips of new opportunities, dream come true.

Years pas by.. and I found my self in Japan, Indonesia (Bali), Hawaii, Okinawa, and many other places. Photography became something, some way of expressing my self. Many times without words. Language might be difficult, but photography made it happened.

Well I stick to it. Photography is my Life! I’m not afraid to say. I think one should feel lucky to be able to do whatever desire, and getting payed for on the way.. I must say it’s been a log road, even thou, after all that work there still is lots of thinks to learn, try.. I’m looking forward next challenge. Looking forward the next day, next adventure, people I will meet..